Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Hundred Years from Now

My husband drinking from the jug, my son writing on the wall, my daughter interrupting me when I am talking, my little one spilling her juice, poop leaving the diaper and getting on the mattress, a whole bottle of shampoo being poured down the toilet, mashed potatoes on the sofa, my computer being dropped by my son, my purse thrown from my van and list can go on and on. All of these things caused me to become upset and angry over the last few months. But a friend of mine put some things into perspective for me, "Will any of it matter in a hundred years from now." Life is to short to be upset all the time over little things that happen in life. In nursing school I met a fellow student who happened to be atheist. When we first met it was in an ethics class and things got a little heated between us when we discussed religion. But I always understood her views. When we were in nursing class together there was a day when she made a comment that I didn't particularly like. Instead of praying about it (like I normally would do), I made a comment out loud in class that I would confront her if she said anything like that again. Unfortunately their was other things going on in my life and I forgot about the whole incidence. I suppose someone told what I said sometime later because six weeks later she confronted me about what I had said. This was six weeks after the first incident. My point is four months later that whole problem no longer matters. Too many times I tend to blow up about things that are really not that important. Since January it has been one of my goals not to blow up over the small stuff. I scotchgaurded the couch, rented a steam cleaner, spend quality time with my children and buy my husband his own milk jug.