Thursday, February 03, 2005

Is My Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Today, my first thought was to say that the glass in my hand is half full of a volatile chemical that doesn't mix well water and I'm treading on thin ice.


My glass is actually full of a fruit medley yogurt smoothie in a fine crystal beautifully ecthed glass. My friends and family are the fruit in my glass. They are sweet and tart but they are so good for me. My husband is the yogurt in my glass. He keeps it all together for me. I get to carry my glass and no one . I am ultimately responsible if I spill anything from my glass. The ground that I am walking on is very solid. The only reason that my glass my spill is if I fumble my glass. Will I be safe and put my glass in the fridge? Absolutely not! I will carry my glass of life and show it off. I will tell people that meet about the fruit in glass. I will love, honor and cheish my yogurt. My glass is so full of wholesome goodness.