Thursday, February 10, 2005

My Successes in 28 Years of Life

I have three wonderfully, smart, healthy and beautiful children.

I have been married to an awesome man for five years.

I have been a nurse aide, helping people for eight years.

I have started nursing school to work on my career.

I study by Bible and come closer to God everyday.

I have not gotten a speeding ticket in six years.

I have saved money and not bounced a check in three months.

I taught my daughter to read and to love reading.

I lost and kept off thirty pounds in the last six months.

I have traveled to twenty one of the fifty states. (Doing so I am living my Grandmother's dream of traveling.)

I have traveled internationally to Canada, Mexico, England and France.

Since the age of thirteen I have kept the promise to myself that I will never live in ghetto again.

I have been staying with the program that keeps me mentally on track for my bipolar disorder since December.

I have learned how to make friends by learning more about them than telling them more about me.

I teach my children one new thing everyday.

I have learned how to forgive those that cause me physical or emotionally harm.

I have learned to love myself.