Sunday, February 06, 2005

Self-Esteem Notes

Self-Esteem is the single most important quality of a human being.

Positive self-talk is a quality of a positive person.

Positive encouragement of children is a good quality for parents.

Out of adversity can come greatness.

Measure of success in life is measured not by external standards but by internal standards.

Learning brings about change.

Many people overcome great obstacles to become great.

Only those with a strong sense of self-worth can display only modest things.

React rationally to shape your life not only emotionally.

Accept yourself just as you are at this moment.

Permanent enhancement needs constant positive self-talk.

Winners never put themselves down with action or words.

Winners in life accept compliments.

Walk more erect with a faster pace.

Keep a self-development plan ongoing.

Deep down feeling of own self-worth is the single best quality a person can have.