Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why I love That Man of Mine?

There are times that I know I make his life a living hell, but he has stood strong by my side. I knew he was definitely the one for me when I first met him. I felt so comfortable around him that it was like wearing my favorite pair of jeans. When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar disorder I was afraid that he would take my daughter and I would never see either of them again. Instead he contacted the doctors and spoke with counselors in order to learn more about the disorder. He learned what to look out for such as what are symptoms of mania and depression, medication side effects, what family can do to help, how he can help me stay on track. He did all this and we weren't even married. Even after finding out what he would be putting up with he still decided to surprise me with marriage (literally). Just last week for Valentine's Day he got his brother to watch the kids and took me out and shocked me a electronic keyboard (I'm taking piano lessons). He seems like a brute to some people, he has a wry since of humor and can just act dumb sometimes. But deep down he is just a teddy bear. He is very sensitive and loving not only to his children and myself but to nearly everyone he meets. I have never met a more loyal person. This man truly is my best friend.