Monday, February 14, 2005

What I Have Learned in Life?

Nothing heals a scar like a true friends love.

Every ending has a new beginning.

Only thing you can truly own is your name.

Life won't always be easy, but it will be fun.

As far as you can see, you can go.

Family is the foundation and starting point of our lives.

You can't unbreak a broken heart, but you can mend it.

As a mother: a child's laughter is very contagious.

As a wife: being loved by another person is very important.

As a daughter: there is nothing like a mother's wisdom, love and touch.

As a sister: sincere honesty goes a long way.

As a friend: you are who your friends are, choose wisely.

As a student: learning is lifelong.

As a employee: Ask questions if you don't know something.

As a christian: God will guide me through.

As a driver: slow down before you hurt somebody.

As a rolemodel: everything I do in life my little ones are watching.

As a caregiver: People who are hurting still have dignity.

As a person: I am worthy of love, family and success.