Saturday, March 05, 2005

Total Abandon

How many times as adults do we experience total abandon? The other day I was in a rush I had to get to class, but first I had to drop one kid at school, go to the bank, bank go to the store, drop two kids off at daycare, take my husband money at work. I was late getting out of bed (totally my fault). I felt that this was going to be a really bad morning. Oh yeah did I mention it snowed (again) so now the roads are bad and speeding is absolutely not an option. I finally got all the kids dressed to their coats and shoes, got myself dressed heading to the van. My children, my lovely children decided to save my live that morning. My youngest went for the nearest snowdrift, my son decided to make fresh boot prints (away from the van of course). I went and started the van and put all the bags in the van. I turned around to start rounding up children when I noticed that all three were behind another car looking at me with smirks. I went to them yelling that we had to go right now when my beautiful eldest daughter hit me square in the face with a snowball. You know what it, the fight was on. That morning I felt total childish abandon. I threw snowballs, I rolled in the snow and I had the time of my life. I only had time to get to barely get to class on time and I was wet but it felt so great.