Thursday, January 27, 2005

Where am I Going?

I used to think that there were different areas of my life, but now I understand that there is no such thing. All the so-called "areas" of my life are intertwined. In my career I plan to become a nurse practitioner and midwife. A few months ago I saw my career goals as my ultimate goals, now i see my ultimate goals differently. I have the goal of raising two young girls to become awesomely strong women and my son to be a splendid gentleman. My family is my passion and part of the reason I want to finish nursing. Because of my family and my career goals, they lead to another goal of getting healthy. I have joined a health club, changing my diet (this is harder for me than excercising), and even taking better care of my skin. I feel that with these changes I am making my myself a better person which will positively reflect in my life.