Friday, January 07, 2005

my husband

Many women say that their husbands are stupid or dumb. Many say that their husbands are lazy and no good. I would like to say that there are good, decent and wonderful men in this world. I hve one. This man does not drink. This man does not smoke. He does not go out an party. He is church going and God fearing. He is an excellent father, lover and provider. My husband works hard to support his family and put me through nursing school. While I am in school he watches our three children (two still in diapers) after putting in a hard days work. He makes sure that I have time to study and do homework, he even helps me study. He does dishes, laundry, floors, scubs the tub, cooks, changes diapers, pay the bills and still finds time to make sure that I am sexually satisfied. This man is awesome. For him to do all this and to deal with my mental condition (bipolar) is nothing short of saintly. It feels to me that I have met an angel whosed clipped his wings.