Monday, November 07, 2005


When I was a young girl I never thought that I would be a mother. Now I cannot imagine being anything other than a mother. My children bring so much joy to my life on a daily basis. My oldest daughter is such a free spirit. She is always trying to help other people. Shw walks around with her head in the clouds seeing only the good in others. She is effervescent and beautiful. My son is agressively loving. When he hugs you know that you have been hugged. When he kisses, he tackles you then plants a long wet one. He makes sure that a person knows that they are loved by this boy. My youngest daughter is totally opposite of my other two children. She is a princess. SHe will tell you the what for and the why whether you asked her or not. I jealously embrace my time with my children. They are such a reason for living. I love to watch them learn new things in the world. Seeing their faces shine as they learn to tackle that math problem. Or the first time they go in the potty. I have seen three human beings grow from my arms to the world and I love every minute.