Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Romancing a Bad Relationship

I have talked to several women lately and have started noticing a theme. Some women romance a bad relationship. If your man left you 3 times in 2 years with excuses such as "i gonna break up with you so that i don't cheat on you". If he sleeps with another woman, do not respect him for sparing you. He wanted to be with another and he knew that you are weak and will understand his reasoning. If you leave him stop talking to him and saying to yourself that "this is best we have talked in a long time". You are not in front of him and he will say anything he knows you want to hear to get you back. And yes he knows what you want to hear because you screamed it at him with every argument. So Ladies here is my opinion. Stop srewing yourselves in the head reading romance noveols and watching twilight. Your lives do not have to have drama/flowers to be romantic. I think it is romantic when my husband gets up in the morning takes a motrin and a sudafed because he is sick and aching and goes to work to support his family. I get horny when I come outside after working a night shift in the winter to find that he got up early and scraped my windows and warmed my car. Oh my goodness the new brakes on the truck bout drove me crazy. This is romance, my man showing me that he cares about me and his children. If he is bad for you today he will be bad tomorrow.